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Automatic Folder Gluer

·  Main Features

1. It consists of three sections: vacuum paperboard feeding section, gluing and folding section and 

    counter/stacking section. 

2. Except frequency motor, all motors adopt famous Taiwan brand. Frequency conversion motor

    adjusts speed. PLC and touch screen control system for easy operation and running stable. 

    The max. speed is 130m/min while the average speed is around 100m/min. Energy conservation 

    and high speed, saving labor cost.


·  Vacuum paperboard feeding section

1. Vacuum suction feeding can get used to the curved board easily.

2. High-grade electromagnetic clutch, feeding paper section can be controlled independently,                 

    operation easily.

3. Adopt SS steel glue wheel, long life and saving glue cost.


·  Gluing and Folding Section

1. Adopt imported high quality rubber belt to transport the paperboard.

2. Adopt paperboard adjusting and pressing line device.

3. Creasing wheel can be adjusted for 2-8mm thickness paperboard.

4. With the second pressure institution, even for the poor quality cardboard can be pressed  

    properly again.


·  Counter/Stacker Section

1. Stacking and counting are simple and reliable.

2. Digital control, operation easily and reliable. Non-stop input data and automatic counting.

3. Output is very accurate, with repair deviation function.

4. Adopt pneumatic to counting and push out the paperboard, stable and quickly.

5. Optional:  auto strapping


· Specifications



Max. Feeding Size (mm)


Min. Feeding Size (mm)


Thickness Range

3 or 5 layer corrugated board

Overall Dimensions (mm)


Weight (KG)


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