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FP-A Series Chain Feeding Flexo Printing, Slotting & Die Cutting Machine

· Main Features

1. Adopting the semi-automatic chain feeding and side lay, which ensures the accuracy of the feeding.

2. CAD modular design enables arbitrary combination of multiple-color printing units, slotting unit, 

    die cutting unit and stacking unit.

3.  Motorized movements and pneumatic locking up of all the units.

4.  The ink roll automatically breads away from surface of the printing plates for the protection in case

     of mechanical shutdown.

5.  Spontaneous-suction ink furnishing device, auto idling circulation of anilox roll to prevent ink from 

     being dried and auto cleaning.

6.  Plate-hanging devices are adopted for installing the printing plates which is easier and takes less time.

7. Options for reticulate roll configuration (165-450LPI).

8. International standard high-precision phasing mechanism, 360 degrees motorized phase adjustment 

    either in running or in the pause, digital display.

9.  Auto count device to properly control production volume.

10. Synchronic motorized adjustment of dividing, slitting and cutting in horizontal and longitudinal direction.

11. Special design of the slotting and corner-cutting knives enable longer service life and higher durability.

12. Motorized phasing of the die cutting position.

13. The cushion at the die cutting position is equipped with automatic compensating device to correct

       the die cutting deviation due to wear or the polyester ring by automatic transverse movement.

14.  The die cutting wheel can be adjusted within 15mm by transverse movement.

15.  Optional

       a. Auto feeding part: it could increase the efficiency and running speed of the machine.

       b. Auto stripping part: adopts high power air blower and double brush mechanism. High speed

           and efficiency, also more steady and safe.

       c. Ceramic Anilox Roll.

       d. Lead Edge Feeding.

· Specifications




Max. Feeding Size (mm)



Min. Feeding Size (mm)


Max. Printing Size (mm)



Thickness of paperboard (mm)


Printing Plate Thickness (mm)


Max. Speed (pcs/min)











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