How to make the choices of your own flute laminator
- 2015/10/20

With the development of the packaging industry, more and more people are coming for the flute laminating machine. So today we will talk about how to choose the suitable model of your laminator.


First of all, some people are confused about the size, mentioned in the specification. The feeding width and length here are same as what we use in the flexo printing machine. That means the feeding with of the flute laminator is the cutting length from the corrugated plant and so is feeding length. For the details, the following pic could also be taken for the reference.


Secondly, we suggest the user to pick up the semi-auto or manual model if they do have various kinds of job but just with less quantity each. It also depends on the production capacity and jobs when the user is going to make the choices of the auto and semi-auto model. If the user has the doubt in this, you can write email to us and we are very glad to provide the personal suggestions accordingly.


We will give more information about how to choose the automatic model. As we all know, there are two models in the automatic flute laminator because they have different way of positioning. One is developed by the European people with the servo motor and front lay. Another one is developed by the Japan and Taiwan with the chain bits. The former one is becoming more popular in the market as the speed is faster and it has better accuracy also. In order to get good finishing result, user is suggested to use even paperboard with good cutting accuracy. Also we do suggest user to feed single sheet of top paperboard only. More than 450gsm paperboard and 3/5ply paperboard are not suggested to be used as the top paper feeding due to its structure.

Oppositely, the latter one is suitable to feed 3ply even 5ply paperboard from the top because the feeding structure of the tope paper is more smooth. It is also easier to control the pasting accuracy if the cutting paperboards are not very even. But it might have the influence on the running speed and pasting accuracy if the paperboard is too soft and thin.

Hence, user shall be aware of their own demand and then choose the most suitable model according to their jobs. If you still have the doubt after going through this article, (for example, feeding the film laminated paperboard), we are pleased to communicate with you personally.


Last but not least, the pasting accuracy and life of the machine are sure to be related with the parts of the machines as well, such as cylinder, gears, machining and assembling. When you heard the loud sound at high speed, it might be the problem of the balancing and rounding of the cylinder, which would directly have very bad influence on your machine life and pasting accuracy of your jobs. So in order to avoid the lost in the investment and future business, user must be very careful during picking up the seller.

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